Health & Wellbeing work with the over 65’s

ashebo CIC priorities mental and physical health. Over the past 10 years we have witnessed a steep decline in Birmingham’s services and provisions, especially those which were free or provided at a low cost to the end user.

Due to this our social impact focus is on working with the elderly (65 years old and over). We have been supporting a group in Lozells now for over 5 years. We hold monthly sessions which are interactive, educational and fun. For each session we provide exercise, pedicures, arts and crafts and lunch with no cost to the attendees. It has become a space for those who feel lonely, have limited or no friends and family and for some who are socially economically disadvantaged. The feedback has been both heard and seen though immense gratitude and the visible countenance of attendees. Because of this ashebo will continue to use its profits for this purpose.